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¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!


La Maestra

NOMBRE: Mrs. JoAna M. J. Smith

ESCUELA: Nottoway Middle School

CLASE: 8th Grade Spanish I



Acerca de La Escuela

The Mission of Nottoway County Public Schools is to ensure Excellence in 
Education by providing opportunities that enable students to enjoy life, 
contribute to others' well being, and become responsible, productive 
citizens in a global community.

La Misión Para La Clase

This course focuses on developing communicative competence in Spanish and an 
understanding of Hispanic culture.  Communicative competence pertains to 
speaking, writing, reading, and listening in Spanish.  Therefore 
participation and completion of all class work and homework is necessary not 
only for academic performance but also for success with the Spanish 
language.  Students will learn to communicate about topics relating to real-
life contexts.  Culture is integrated with vocabulary, grammar, creative and 
fine arts, along with technology to apply Spanish beyond the classroom.  
Students will learn through differentiated instruction and work individually 
as well as in groups.



Welcome to the world of wikis! Here you will be able to access online assignments and post your work. Please remember to always use proper "netiquette." Three golden rules to always follow: 


1) When you post something on the internet, you can NEVER take it back. It will be out there for the world to see FOREVER!

2) Never post your full name, town/county, school name, email address, phone number, or any other information that would make it possible for someone to identify you!

3) Keep in mind that what you write is visible by the teacher and you will be held accountable for any inappropriate posts. Do NOT edit anyone's page except your own!




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